Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Pet Waste Removal & Pet Supplies Delivery Services 

Call of Doody 

Pet Waste Removal Services & Pet Supplies Delivery 


Call of Doody is an inexpensive and reliable pet waste removal service in South Central Pennsylvania, with a mission to eliminate the most unpleasant aspect of pet ownership, pet waste removal. 

Aside from the distasteful and smelly duty of picking up after your pets, pet waste can be hazardous as well. If left unattended, parasites or worms and other diseases may spread and be transmitted to children and adults alike. 

When you team up with Call of Doody, you and your family will experience the convenience and peace of mind knowing that your pet's waste has been removed from your yard. 

Clean up is done by a thorough professional, who genuinely cares for you and your four-legged family members. Forming an alliance with Call of Doody will allow you to come home to a clean yard time and again!